Ellen with Tao FamClient Comments


  • “(As a result of the training I will) listen more carefully to what Canadians are saying, since they are not as direct a lot of the time in expressing themselves.”
  • “Learning how Canadians view the U.S. (was most useful).”
  • “Learning about values, history & aboriginals (was most useful)”
  • “I would encourage our senior management to take this seminar”
  • “Thanks Ellen for being so helpful and friendly.  Without your help I wouldn’t know where to start”


  • (As a result of the training I will) handle negative situations more calmly and positively.”
  • “(Ellen and Don had) very good rapport with all the different personalities in the group – made me feel comfortable, very knowledgeable.”
  • “Excellent program”


  • “Will help me greatly with my work experience and personal time in Colombia”
  • “The discussions were very good.”
  • “(As a result of this training I will) think about building relationships with others in order to improve my business transactions”


  • “Excellent one day program”
  • “(as a result of the training, I)… recognize the significance that cultural differences have on developing positive relationships”
  • “(the course was)…personally very valuable”


  • “It was super how you integrated the session with the kids – I really enjoyed it and know we all benefited.”
  • “Very good rapport; easily addressed concerns & questions in a frank manner.”
  • “Excellent program”


  • “Excellent job. Beyond expectations.”
  • “Excellent session. Very good facilitator.”
  • “I appreciate Don bringing together many sources of information and candidly saying when he was not sure about something. The do’s and don’t were most helpful.”


  • “Excellent course material…the format was well-planned, good overview and a quick pace”
  • “Well worth the time spent”
  • “Overall extremely well done and informative”